A groomed pet, while not only stylish, is a healthy pet. Getting your pet groomed every 4-12 weeks is a great way to ensure your pet is at it’s best.

Not only is it essential to keep your pets nails and coats maintained- groomers may be able to notice injuries, ear infections, and other abnormalities that could be missed at home. 

In addition, groomers have the correct tools and shampoos for the job!

We also give you a reminder call two days ahead of time because we know how busy you are!

So don’t worry- we will handle all of the hair and the hassle.

Please call for an estimate- prices vary by pet breed and services requested.

We groom cats too!


Haircuts- Hair is taken off of the body

Bath and Trim- We will trim up the three F’s (Face, Feet, and Fanny) and hair is not taken off of the body

Bath and Brush- Bath and a full brush out

Anal Gland Expression

Nail Grinding

Tooth Brushing

Plaque Cleanse

Shedless Treatment

No Additional Fees

We make a recurring appointment for you
(appointments must be from 2-10 weeks)

You will receive discounts on the majority of our add on services

Ask us on how you can get started with our VIP Program! 

Getting your pet in for grooming does require an appointment, so don’t forget to call!

However- nail trims, nail grinding, anal gland expression, and any of our teeth cleaning services are welcome to walk in
(Walk in hours are 8am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-3pm)

We require that all pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations and we will require proof (we do not accept tags) before any grooming services 

*Please call in advance for cat nail trims