We do our best to give out good karma and help out where we can.

So, we give rescues a temporary home until they find a family that will love them forever. 

We currently work with The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation and New Life for Paws.

Take a look at their adoptable pets and see if there’s someone you’ve been missing in your life.

The Office Guard

Cookie is an older dog, who is looking for her special someone. She loves belly rubs, snacks, and laying around all day with some short walks here and there. Cookie would love nothing more than to lay in the sun all day while being fed snacks and getting some nice head scratches! Cookie would do best in a home with no other dogs, she's a jealous one and wants all of your love. She would also do best in a home without stairs because she has a hard time walking. Cookie is capable of the greatest love we have ever seen- she just needs someone she can trust to give it to.

9-11 years old|FS|Up to date on all vaccines

The Sweetheart

Sully is the sweetheart of the rescues. He loves people, cuddles, and to snuggle with his favorite toy duck! Sully loves to hang out in our reception area and get attention from everyone as they pass through. He is okay with most dogs however, he would rather sleep than play. We do not know much of Sully's background- he came to us matted and sick. He has made a full recovery and is learning to love people again! He would do well in a home with smaller dogs and older children or as a single pet! He is sensitive and really needs a positive expierence! 



                                                                  3|MN| Up to date on all vaccines 


Buffy is such a special dog that needs someone to be by her side. She has had a rough life for her short few years here with us however, she has such a strong spirit! Buffy has never lost her love for life and her smile! She can not be in a home with other dogs or children. She would do best in a home environment with 1 or 2 adults that have a strong dog knoweldge and possible training background. She needs a structured home environment that can help her acclimate back into a home life! She has so much love to give but it has to be earned through hardwork! 



                                                                                3|FS| Up to date on all vaccines


Brittany (green collar) is the more cuddly of the two! As a typical puppy, she loves to run and play! However, when she's done you can expect her to find you for a nice, long snuggle session! She started her life as a stray on the streets of Aruba but now she is ready to find her furever home! 


                                                                            3 months|F| Most vaccines complete 



Beauty #2

Beauty (red collar) is one rough and tumble pup! She loves to play, all day, and then maybe play some more? She loves other dogs! Once she has had her fun you can usually find her tucked aways somewhere quiet for a snooze! She loves to play with people too! And did we mention cuddles? 


                                                                                  3 months|F| Most vaccines complete