Rules & Requirements


  • Per the City of Chicago, the following are required to be on record with us prior to your pet’s visit.
    • Current Vaccinations on file from veterinarian:
      • Rabies
      • Distemper – (Titer results will be accepted)
      • Bordetella
      • Negative Fecal every 6 months

The safety and well being of your pet is very important to us, for that reason, the following policies are in place.

  • Current City of Chicago dog license for Chicago residents only.
  • Must be neutered/spayed by 6 months.
  • No female dogs in heat allowed.
  • Flea Preventative MUST be used yearly.  Please do not put on your dog the day they come. Any dog that comes in with Flea ointment will not be allowed in our Daycare Program.
  • If you dog show any signs of sickness, limping, eye discharge, loose stool, etc. your dog MUST stay home.  Please notify us immediately.
  • If we notice loose stools for more than a week, a fecal needs to be done, at your cost. The fecal MUST be negative before your dog can return to daycare.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed in Daycare with any type of stitches or staples due to surgery.
  • Dogs must wait 10-14 days after being neutered or spayed before allowed to come back to Daycare.

Collar Requirements
To ensure safety of all our guests in our Programs, we require that all dogs play naked!  Yes, that means that no collars of any kind are allowed while playing!