20150620_173041_resizedThe groomers strive to achieve the desired haircut you request and perform a check on all pets.  A report card is given after each grooming to inform you of yours pet’s health and behavior so that YOU are informed!

Premium Pet Styling
Price depends on breed, size, amount of hair, frequency of grooming, pet’s behavior
Complete bath using all natural shampoos
Complete dry using no heat dryers
All over haircut that YOU requst  or complete brush out & carding of undercoat
Ears cleaned & plucked (if necessary)

Tidy UP  usually $15 less then Premium Pet Styling
Complete bath using all natural shampoos
Complete dry using no heat dryers
Ears cleaned & plucked (if necessary)
Light trim up feet, privates, & face

Bath Only
Complete bath using all natural shampoos
Towel & cage dried (no heat)

Ala Carte
PetZlife Dental Treatment
Teeth Brushing

Nail Trims – Walk-ins welcome (We do recommend calling first in case the groomers are unavailable)
Nail trims: price coming soon
If requires 2 people:  price coming soo
Nail Grinding
Nail Polish

Anal Expression – Free with VIP membership
Specialty Shampoos
FURminator Treatment helps the shedding!
Grooming Policies & Requirements
Proof of Rabies vaccination required

Grooming is by appointment only!
-24 hour notice of cancellation is required
-Pets can take several hours to groom.
-Pets can stay until close at no charge.
-If you need a specific pick-up time please request when making appointment.
-Please make any special request when making appointment
-All pets must be picked up by closing or $5/minute will be charged until 7:30 weekdays or 4:30 Saturdays.  At which time you will be charged an additional $40 overnight fee.

cleatuscatgroomingYES! We do Cat Grooming!

Our groomers know that cats are not always eager to be groomed, however our groomers have extensive experience with our feline friends!
Proof of Rabies required.
Prices are dependent upon the cat’s coat type and style of haircut or brush out.

Please call ahead to ensure that one of our experienced groomers are available.